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The project has been completed and the website is no longer being updated.  


Danida has taken over the management of the BSU programme from Phase II running from January 2014 to November 2016. Danida will implement the programme as part of their portfolio in a direct cooperation with selected universities in the South.

Thus, Universities Denmark will no longer be part of the programme. Instead, Danida will facilitate a match-making directly between selected universities in the South and Danish universities, research centres, departments or institutes.

For more information about the organisational re-structure see our news article Re-design of the BSU programme from Phase II at the bottom of this site.

For information about Danida’s implementation of Phase II, see Danida Fellowship Centre’s website


Welcome to BSU

“Building Stronger Universities in Developing Countries” is a partnership between research and higher education institutions in developing countries and Danish universities.

The long-term goal of the initiative is to make the participating institutions stronger in the sense that they:

  • play an increasing role in the economic, social and political development of the societies in which they are located;
  • function as nodes of innovation and knowledge production, providing solutions to local/domestic and global challenges;
  • produce skilled and motivated graduates that can contribute to the further development of the societies and address the challenges faced.


Go to the BSU four thematic platforms

The Building Stronger Universities initiative is organised around four thematic platforms - each of them disseminating information and results via platform-specific web sites:

  • Environment and Climate (BSUEC)
  • Growth and Employment (BSUGE)
  • Human Health (BSUHH)
  • Stability, Democracy and Rights (BSUSDR)

A universe footer is availabe at the bottom of each website informing about BSU general issues and topics.

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News from the four BSU platforms

2014.02.07 | BSUEC

BSU II Information Meeting (2)

Date: 11 March 2014. Time: 14:00-17:00. Venue: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Eigtveds Pakhus, Conference Room II Programme

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2013.04.25 | BSUHH

Second round of BSU Assignment holders meetings

A follow-up meetings to the joint BSU Assignment holders meeting held in November 2012 were arranged in Aarhus and Copenhagen in February 2013.

2013.05.29 | BSUSDR

South partner workshop at Aarhus University

During a two days workshop at Aarhus University (May 2-3) staff members and PhD candidates from Kenya, Uganda and Nepal met to present and discuss both research proposals and ongoing PhD projects with their Danish hosts and partners in North.

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