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2012.05.23 | BSUEC, BSU

Matchmaking-2 V2.0 targeted at Danish PhD co-supervisors. Deadline 15th June, 2012

Matchmaking-2 V2.0 targeted at Danish PhD co-supervisors for projects at UDSM and KNUST. Deadline 15th June, 2012

2012.05.22 | BSUHH

Father's Day Seminar

Working Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health organised an open seminar on men, masculinities, fathers and sexual and reproductive health in developing countries on 31 May.

2012.05.16 | BSUHH

New thematic working group on e-Health in Africa

Kick-off meeting held in Copenhagen on 30 May 2012.

2012.05.15 | BSUHH

Working Group on Global Health

On 4 June, the inaugural meeting of the Platform on Human Health's new working group 'Working Group on Global Health' will discuss the Group's role, activities and the mode of work.

2012.05.07 | BSUSDR

New logo and website

The Building Stronger Universities in Developing Countries (BSU) initiative launch a new logo and new joint design for the platform websites

2012.05.07 | BSUSDR

Call for Applications

PSDR now has the pleasure of calling for applications for grants at Tribhuvan University

2012.05.05 | BSUSDR, BSU

Implementation of activities takes off

The implementation of activities at PSDR South partner universities is off to a successful start

2012.05.03 | BSUHH, BSU

Launch of new websites

With support from Ã…rhus University, the BSU Secretariat and the four BSU Platforms have joined efforts to develop new websites that will all be launched on May 7. Welcome!

2012.05.02 | BSUHH, BSU

eLearning Africa Conference

PHH will participate in Africa's largest annual conference on education and technology May 23-25 in Benin.

2012.04.28 | BSU

New funds for BSU

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced an additional funding of DKK 19 million for the Building Stronger Universities initiative, covering the period 2012-2014. Focus will be on activities within communication and dissemination of research findings at the partner universities in the developing countries. Details and conditions for…

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