BSU Review Report with positive assessment of strategy and design

While emphazising many positive aspects of the programme the review team also points at challenges that should be given further attention

2013.03.25 | Arne Skov Andersen

An external review of the BSU programme has been conducted by the consultants Johan Helland, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway, and David Manyanza, Development Solutions Consultancy, Tanzania.

In general, the consultants are positive to the BSU strategy and the design of the programme. However, they also point at some issues of concern. One such issue is staff workloads and compensation. The report states: "As long as the BSU program is about institutional cooperation there need to be institutional support for individuals involved in the implementation of the program."

The review has been organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is part of the preparations for the BSU Phase 2, envisaged to start up in August 2013.

Link to the report: "Building stronger universities in developing countries. A program review report for Universities Denmark."

Note on the report's main findings and conclusions: "Findings from the BSU Review Report by Chr. Michelsen Institute, March 2013." 

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