Collaboration on E-learning, PBL and research communication beyond PSDR

Danida has now clarified that the ‘19m Communication Grant’ will continue as an independent project (2013 – 2015). The original partners can participate beyond 31 December 2013.

2013.08.21 | Martin Damgaard Larsen

As already announced the platform on Stability, Democracy and Rights (PSDR) will cease to exist at the end of 2013, as is the case for the other three BSU platforms. Contrary to the earlier information received, the ’19m Communication Grant’ – of which PSDR has a quarter – continues as an autonomous project with the original partners as specified by Danida, cf. a recent announcement from Universities Denmark. This gives an opportunity to carry out planned activities within this specific project.

The PSDR Secretariat will now initiate a dialogue with Tribhuvan University, Maseno University and Gulu University as well as PSDR’s eLearning and PBL task force in Denmark to develop a mutually agreed framework for implementation of the plan under the changed circumstances.




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