Consultant appointed to develop BSU phase 2 framework

When the no cost extension of phase 1 ends by 31 December 2013, Danida will take over the management of the BSU programme. An external consultant has been appointed to assist in the formulation of a revised BSU phase 2.

2013.08.21 | Martin Damgaard Larsen

Consultant Arne Disch from Scanteam (Norway) will head the formulation of a revised proposal for BSU phase 2. Arne Disch has long experience with institutional research capacity building in South, and a highly relevant background for formulating programme documents.

26-27 August Arne Disch will consult the Danish platform representatives in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Afterwards, during September 2013, he will visit the seven South partner universities of phase 2.

The revised BSU phase 2 programme will be submitted to the Danida Grant Committee by Oct/Nov 2013.




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