PHH Newsletter 10

The BSU Phase II was approved by the Finance Committee of the Parliament. Read more about the Phase II in the latest PHH Newsletter.

2013.12.20 | Bjørg Elvekjær

Newsletter no. 10 | December 2013

On behalf of the Platform on Human Health, we thank all partners for inspiring collaboration under BSU Phase l. With our joint efforts we have planned and implemented a wide range of activities to build on and fostered new relations across the PHH institutions as well as in-country contacts and collaboration.

Last week the BSU Phase II plan building on lessons learnt and results achieved during the first phase was given final approval in the Finance Committee of Parliament. Many activities will continue but from January 1 the BSU administration in Denmark will be shifted from the Danish Universities and the Platform Secretariats to the Danida Fellowship Centre and, in general, the organisation and management will be strengthened to enhance the ownership of the South institutions.

What now remains is to match each South BSU partner institution with relevant party/parties in Denmark. This process will take place during a match making and later inception phase from January - April / May 2014 on the basis of the South partners’ project outlines and the Danish universities’ responses.

Danida invites interested resource persons from the Danish universities to a presentation of the BSU Phase ll programme and the plans for the match-making process in Eigtveds Pakhus on January 7 (download the invitation here). Calls will eventually be uploaded on

In spite of changes we hope that we all keep in touch and that human health maintains a central position in the future BSU with active involvement from all the relevant research environments.

Wishing you happy holidays and a happy new year!

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