Presentations at Planning Workshop 27 - 29 August 2012

Presentations and Concept Notes

2012.09.25 | Arne Skov Andersen

Opening speech by rector Jens Oddershede, chairman of Universities Denmark's Rectors' Conference.

Speech by Christian Friis Bach, the Danish Minister of Development Cooperation.

Presentations and concept notes for the thematic subject areas:

  1. E-learning, presentations by Lekhnath Sharme and Michael Rytkønen
  2. - groupwork report/concept note
  3. Fundraising Capacity, presentations by Kirsten Thomsen and Amos Majule
  4. - groupwork report/concept note
  5. Outreach Strategies, presentations by Anna Temu and Søren Lund
  6. - groupwork report/concept note
  7. PhD Systems, presentations by Robert Hinson and Lars Hviid
  8. - groupwork report/concept note
  9. Problem-Based Learning, presentations by Catherine Muhoma and Inger Lassen
  10. - groupwork report/concept note
  11. Research Networks, presentations by Gibson Kibiki and Jørgen E. Olesen
  12. - groupwork report/concept note


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